Jessica T.Milwaukee, WI
I just had a body composition analysis using the InBody230. Watching the 24-year-old assessor's eyeballs pop out of his head after skimming my results, PRICELESS!!! First thing out of his mouth: "What do you do?!?!?!" Me, with a glowing smile: "I Crossfit... and play football."
I have 25.6 pounds of body fat, which equates to 14% body fat on my 181.7 pound frame. My limbs are symmetrical in lean mass. And my resting Metabolic Rate is 1900 kcal. Love to see proof in numbers!!!
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, thanks to Ryan Atkins from Crossfit Milwaukee, and Kevin Hughes & CrossFit Kasten at CrossFit Ftf along with ALL the coaches and members at BOTH Crossfits for their love, encouragement, and support!

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