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CrossFit Milwaukee changed my life. I decided on January 1, 2011 that I was going to make a change in my eating habits and try a fitness program, a decision that many of my friends made at the same time. My husband and I decided to try the On-Ramp class with Ryan at CrossFit Milwaukee, to try and slowly ease ourselves into the idea of getting in shape, especially since we were coming “right off the couch” and had no previous experience in sports, exercise programs or nutritional programs. After our first On-Ramp class, however, we decided to dive head first into CrossFit Milwaukee. The class balanced group instruction on technique with individual practice, and then of course, an exhilarating and exhausting workout. Since that first class, we have come to a minimum of three classes a week because not only are the workouts always fresh and fun, but also because Ryan programs the workouts in such a way that we are really able to see our own improvement and achievement. My husband and I are the only ones out of all of our friends that have stuck to our New Year’s resolution, and we plan to continue forever! Ryan is the most experienced CrossFit trainer in Wisconsin and it has been a wonderful experience getting to know him and his awesome trainers, who’ve helped my husband and I achieve great things that we never thought we would be capable of. And as a woman who was always intimidated by gyms, I am also very grateful for CrossFit Milwaukee trainer Doreen, who has been and continues to be a great female role model for my progress. My husband and I have lost weight, gained a lot of muscle, and feel amazing. Thank you, Ryan and CrossFit Milwaukee!!!

-Taiko Maria Haessler

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